Tutor Profile

Chloe O'Brien

Tutor | First Year University Student

Degree: Bachelor of Science at The University of Adelaide

ATAR: 94.05

Subject Areas: Year 5+ Primary, Year 7-10 Mathematics, Year 7-10 Science

Subject Awards for top of class in Citizenship and Inspiring Others, Biology and Chemistry (Year 12, 2020)
Global Citizens Medal (Year 12, 2020)

Makin Humanitarian Award for outstanding humanitarian qualities to the school and local community (Year 12, 2020)
Recieved a STEM Scholarship for Years 11 and 12 (2019, 2020)
Recieved the University of Adelaide Principals' Scholarship (2020)

Chloe is a determined and passionate new tutor who is focused on helping others and excelling in her studies. She has completed many self- and professional-development programs including NYSF (2020), STEMSista (2019) and the CTTG Youth Leadership program (2019). Chloe has learned and developed a lot of tools and skills in these programs which she would love to share with others to help them succeed in their studies too

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