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Lachlan Curl

Tutor | Founder and Director of Excel Tutoring

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Adv) majoring in Therotical and Experimental Physics at The University of Adelaide

ATAR: 99.70

Subject Areas: Primary School, Year 7-10 Mathematics, Year 7-10 Science, Stage 1 & 2 Mathematical Methods, Stage 1 Chemistry, Stage 1 & 2 Physics

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (University of Adelaide, 2020)
Recieved the University of Adelaide Principals' Scholarship (2020)
Dux of Year 12 (2019)
Subject Awards for top of class in Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Chemistry and Physics (Year 12, 2019)
ICT/STEM award for significant contribution to the school in ICT and robotics (Year 12, 2019)

「Lachlan has been tutoring in mathematics and sciences for three years, and has been helping people learn for much longer. He has had the pleasure of being able to apply his learning to tutoring others. Last year, COVID-19 was a challenge for many young people navigating high school studies from home however, despite the challenges, Lachlan watched his students not only successfully pass their subjects but exceed expectations」


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