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Norma Costin

Tutor | First Year University Student

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Hons) majoring in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry

ATAR: 97.25

Subject Areas: Year 5+ Primary, Year 7-10 Mathematics, Year 7-10 Science, Stage 1 & 2 Chemistry, Stage 1 & 2 Physics, Stage 1 & 2 Mathematical Methods

Excellence Award for top of the class in Physics (2020) and Mathematical Methods (2020)

Norma is outgoing and passionate about learning all things STEM. Norma's love for science is demonstrated by her achievements throughout highschool and University; where she maintains a perfect 7.0 GPA. Having recently completed Year 12 in 2020, Norma is very familiar with the SACE content and is dedicated to helping students achieve their best


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